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Reboot Remedy is a top-notch Managed Services Provider located in Cypress, TX, equipped to handle small businesses with 10-500 servers or computers. We provide onsite and online support in Houston, TX, and nearby areas.
We maintain LAN and WAN networks and support, repair, and install all Windows and Apple computers. We will properly serve you.
As a result, we respond and participate in crucial discussions about the core issue. Furthermore, we regularly monitor, train, and improve hardware, and provide cloud-based network security to our clients.
Your IT needs to be proactive and responsive around the clock. It must help businesses run smoothly without any delays and interruptions in operations. And so, Reboot Remedy started as an IT service provider that has provided companies with technical support since 2004.
Our owner has been in IT since 1994, and we have experienced technical staff and engineers who are courteous and flexible to work with. Our primary goal is to help you achieve the most from your IT investment while freeing time for your core business operations.
Passionate about network infrastructure and design. Active IT Manager / Director for over two decades, dog dad, and Lego builder.
Founder / Director of IT
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