How to make laptop speakers louder in seconds.

How to make laptop speakers louder

One thing is for certain, laptop speakers just don’t pack a punch. Even tiny bluetooth speakers are louder than most laptop speakers, especially the Macbook speakers. There’s different applications that you can download to make your media louder. Some are free to try with a 14 day trial and some are paid only. Depending on your soundcard, you might be able to adjust the settings from within the system settings.

1. System Settings (Windows)

On a Windows machine, it’s pretty straight forward to enhance your audio quality. All you have to do is right click on the speaker icon on the bottom right corner and go to Playback devices.

speaker2 speaker3


Click on the ‘Enhancements’ tab and enable all enahncements. Your selections might be different from ours but similar. Click on Loudness equalization or any equalization that  you will like. Just like that, your speakers should be louder now.


2. Chrome Plugin Extension (Mac & Windows)

If you’re using Chrome as your default browser then you’re in luck. There are a couple of browser plugins that enable you to raise the volume on anything that plays on your browser. It’s extremely easy to install and once it’s installed it will appear on the top right corner of your browser. Download it here.

3. iTunes Equalizer

Trying to listen to something in iTunes from across the room or with a bunch of people around? A simple solution is to venture into the iTunes equalizer (Window > Equalizer) and drag the Preamp slider all the way up. Make sure the “On” box is checked too. That should put some more power behind those speakers!

Make Mac laptop speakers louder in iTunes

4. VLC instead of QuickTime & DVD Player

Watching a video in QuickTime or DVD Player is a common task for Mac users. If the sound is too low, try the free VLC Player instead. Using the playback controller you can pump up the volume a bunch more – apparently up to 400%!

Make Mac laptop speakers louder in VLC

5. Audio Hijack Pro

This is the real system-wide solution. Rogue Amoeba Software’s Audio Hijack is a multi-purpose program that does a heck of a lot more than just make your Mac’s speakers louder. But for the purposes of this article, that’s all that matters. Whether it’s a YouTube video in Safari, a video chat in iChat, or an original composition in GarageBand, this program does the trick. You can download it for free and use it in trial mode for 10 minutes at a time. To unlock full functionality, you must pay $32 – a fair price if you’re going to take advantage of the software often. In any event, this is how you can get the job done in Audio Hijack Pro:

  1. In the lower left corner, click the + button to add a new preset.
  2. Click the Input tab. You can choose a specific application to work with, but I recommend selecting “System Audio” from the Source Type drop-down.
    Make MacBook speakers louder
  3. Install the Soundflower add-on for free within Audio Hijack Pro. This gives the software access to the entire system’s sound.
  4. Set your computer’s regular system volume all the way up in Mac OS X.
  5. Click the Effects tab in Audio Hijack Pro and then drag the Gain slider all the way to the right (238%).
    Make MacBook speakers louder
  6. Click the Hijack button and your volume should get a nice boost! You’ll have to leave Audio Hijack Pro open in order for the louder sound to stay in effect. When you want it to stop, just quit the program.