Data entry can be a real drag for salespeople. The time they spend on administrative tasks is time away from customer interactions. But that data is vital.

It’s important to capture customer orders, quotes, needs, and more. Lead and sales reporting help sales managers know where to direct their attention. Analytics also help drive more efficient ways of closing the deal.

Microsoft has taken up the mantle of this challenge. It is about to launch a new digital experience for sales teams. Microsoft Viva Sales is part of the “Viva” line of applications. These include things like Viva Insights for improved staff wellbeing. As well as Viva Learning for staff development.

The Viva apps natively integrate with MS Teams and the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. They include automation designed to eliminate boring tasks and enable more work engagement.

Viva Sales is a “CRM helper” application. We’ll go through some of the most asked questions about the app, its features, and when you can get it.

What Is Microsoft Viva Sales?

Viva Sales is an application that will provide sales and lead insights. These insights populate throughout Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. The focus of the app is to cut unnecessary manual entry to give sellers more time to sell.

How Does Viva Sales Work? Is It a CRM?

Viva Sales is NOT going to replace your normal CRM platform. Instead, it connects to your CRM and other sales-related apps. It leverages the data from these connections. This makes it easier for salespeople to get the prospect data they need to enable their work.

Salespeople spend approximately 34% of their time on administrative tasks.

Viva Sales Basics

Some of the core advantages of Viva Sales are:

Interconnected Interface

Microsoft Viva Sales provides sales-specific insights throughout the various M365 applications. Salespeople natively see important customer details, wherever they are. Including in their Outlook Calendar or when in their Microsoft or non-Microsoft CRM.

Microsoft Viva Sales
Image courtesy of Microsoft

Viva Sales Features

Tag to Capture Sales Interactions

Tagging is also known as using someone’s “@name” to get their attention. Tagging is a popular software integration used throughout many cloud-based apps. It’s also used within Microsoft 365.

Salespeople can use the familiar tagging function. They can use it to capture data from another M365 application for a prospect or customer. This includes adding someone to a list of customers by using a tag for their Viva Sales name. The system will capture the contextual information on the lead or customer.


Viva Sales makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your team on a sales prospect or customer. You don’t have to chase down information to copy/paste into a message. Use that tagging function to populate lead information from Viva Sales in seconds.

Viva Sales Feature - Collaborate
Image courtesy of Microsoft

You can also easily edit or open a lead/customer record. No need to look for and open another app. The process gets you where you need to go in as few clicks as possible.

Call Summaries & Integrated Data

One thing that customers and salespeople hate is a lack of understanding. For example, when a salesperson doesn't know about a recent customer interaction.

This can happen when company communication systems store data from different sources separately. Such as phone call messages being in one place and a customer’s website chat session being in another.

Viva Sales brings all that customer engagement data together into a single view. This allows the salesperson to see call summaries and capture call action items.

Download & Customize

Salespeople that prefer an Excel view of their contact list can get this from Viva Sales. Download lead and customer lists. Customize the application per the organization’s needs.

When Will Viva Sales Be Available?

Microsoft has announced that Viva Sales will be “coming in Q4 2022.” There is no exact date for the launch yet, but you can be sure that we will keep an eye on this!

In the meantime, you can watch a video explaining the application on Microsoft’s site here.

Take Advantage of Microsoft Viva Automation

Microsoft built the Viva suite of digital experience apps for productivity. These apps help employees find information faster, feel more connected, and work more productively.

Now is the perfect time to explore those that have already launched and get ready for Viva Sales.

Contact us today for a free consultation to improve your team’s digital experience.

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Boost Your Business Production by Hiring Quality IT providers


In the 21st century, technology plays an important role in business, and the computer is one of the biggest advancements in technology. With an increase in the use of computers comes an increase in demand for computer repair.  Because of this, careful selection of computer service provider is increasingly important.

Proper vetting of a computer repair service provider prior to hiring for a service is a very important step for anyone seeking services. Taking the time needed to research each organization is one of the best ways to find out if a company is credible.

When researching information technology (IT) service providers, the number one priority should always be security. There are numerous providers who will claim to be able to provide the needed service at a price far below market value; however, before moving forward with the least expensive option, it is best to keep in mind the sensitivity of the data they will have access to upon hiring them. Keeping this perspective in mind may change the approach used to select the best IT professional for the job.

Some factors to keep in mind before hiring a computer service provider include:

1. Cost – Cost is one the more important factors for every person or business in search of technology services. One suggestion is to obtain quotes from several IT service providers in the area before deciding on one provider. This will help to determine an average cost of the service and will identify any outliers (those far above and those far below the average). Another option is to ask for referrals from other businesses of similar size and function

2. Reputation – Checking a company's reputation prior to hiring can help provide valuable information. IT service companies who haven't been on the market long enough to establish a relationship may provide a less expensive service, while those who have decades of history may be able to charge more. It's important to weight the pros and cons of experience and reputation versus cost.​​

3. Checking Customer Reviews – Customer reviews provide invaluable information for prospective clients researching an IT service provider. Typically, the IT company's website will contain testimonials from previous or current clients; however, to get a more well-rounded picture of customer satisfaction, a simple internet search can reveal some of the drawbacks and benefits of doing business with that IT company.

4. Guarantees Offered – It's important to verify that the company provides a guarantee or warranty for the services and products offered. An extended warranty period could be a sign that the company is confident in the work they provide, and that there is a history of their products and services performing well.

5. Certification and Licensing – Confirming that the company is licensed and certified to perform the work requested is an important way to ensure that industry standards are being followed. This is especially important in information technology services due to the sensitivity of the information they will be able to access.

The above list provides some of the main elements to consider when choosing an IT professional for business and personal needs. Reboot Remedy is an excellent IT solutions provider located in Houston, TX. Services offered by Reboot Remedy include network installation, PC tune-up, virus removal, site-to-site networking, IP phone systems installation, server installation, hardware upgrades, and voice and data cabling.

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