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We provide security camera installation. We have a security camera system that actually have no cameras in them, to systems that have the highest TV Line Resolution available to the consumer. Reboot Remedy is your one-stop shop for internal and external security systems. Whether you want to watch your workers from home or see if the cleaning crew has arrived on time from your smartphone, we have a solution for you.

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Surveillance cameras can do the following:

Prevent Crime

Businesses are vulnerable to heavy losses arising from theft. Having security cameras in the workplace is a successful way of deterring criminal activity. Call now and get your security camera system installed.

Reduce Manpower Cost

Having a security guard at every entrance and exit is very costly. This is why we provide surveillance cameras that enable you to monitor what goes on inside your company grounds. Installing a surveillance system is a cost-efficient alternative.

Record Information

Through our advanced security system, you will be able to record the daily happenings inside your workplace or building. This provides you with the proper documentation you need in the event of a security breach.
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