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Voice And Data Cabling

Installs / Adds / Moves / Changes

Network Cabling includes Cat 5e, Cat 6
Plenum or PVC


Reboot Remedy has many years of experience with installing, routing, and replacing low voltage wiring. We have installed everything from RJ11 to fiber optic cable. We plan our projects from start to finish with our customer in mind. We provided the latest technology your budget can provide, and we always plan for expansion. New Construction projects are our favorite, but we are very knowledgeable when it comes to replacing existing cable. We have many references and have a solid team of workers to help move projects along quickly.
Reboot Remedy is a full-service network cabling company at the forefront of the business communications industry in Houston TX. Our company specializes in data network cabling installation and provides high quality, unparalleled services that exceed the highest expectations of all our customers.
Reboot Remedy is one of the most diversified data cabling companies in the region, with a large client base in Houston and surrounding areas. Our company is a one-stop shop for all network cabling and business communications services. Our company offers reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our capabilities include:
Moves & Additions
Troubleshooting and Repair
Cabling for phone systems
Pre-wire for new construction
Patch Panels
Project: Salon Park in Tomball, TX 
Pre-wire for  Wifi Access points, Fax Lines, Elevator, and TV's


At Reboot Remedy, we continuously invest in new and improved ways of delivering our services - hence we provide the most up-to-date equipment and technology. We use high-quality products that offer superior, long-lasting results.
We execute all projects to exacting standards, on schedule, and within budget, while adhering to high standards of health and safety. This makes our company the network cabling firm of choice for businesses.
At Reboot Remedy, we fully understand that each business is unique and therefore their needs are unique, and we endeavor to understand every business’ requirements. Drawing on our creativity, resources, extensive expertise and experience, and our team-oriented approach, we provide high-performance and effective solutions to our clients. We provide the highest level of professional services that help businesses stay connected.
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