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What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are tasks handled by a third party, usually in the context of business IT services.
With Managed IT Services we manage all aspects of our client's IT, from hardware, software, and security.
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Managed IT Services Include:

Desktop and Laptop Management

This includes user profile management, remote troubleshooting, configuration management, asset management, software installation and upgrades, and patch management.

Server Management

Server management includes all the monitoring and maintenance required for servers to operate reliably. 

We manage hardware, software, security, and backups 

24 / 7 Network Monitoring

Some Businesses never know they have suffered a data breach or cyber attack because they have no monitors in place to detect it. 
We will monitor all your servers and workstations. We will keep them up-to-date and protected. We will be alerted if there is an attempted attack on your business.

Enterprise Malware & Virus Protection 

Your workstations, and servers will be protected with enterprise grade malware protection, virus definitions, and a artificial intelligence engine that monitors bad behaviors and ransomware events.

Unlimited Helpdesk

Need Help? You will have unlimited access to our Helpdesk. As a client, you can call, send an email or create a ticket in your support portal to resolve any IT issue.

Fixed Rate & No Hidden Costs

With a fixed monthly rate, managed service is easy to budget for and provides all-inclusive service. No hourly labor rates.
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